Being close to you

Being close to you, Feeling your cheek against mine, Feeling the rhythm of your heartbeat against my chest,  Snuggling in your embrace,  As we dance to the sounds of love,  Under sparkles created by Christmas lights,  I am full to the brim, I am satisfied ❤️   * image from Pexels.

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When he looks at me

When he caresses my cheek with his finger,  The gentle sensation silences my racing mind.  I let go and savour the moment of love.    He looks at me like I captivate him, Like he cares for me, Like he wants the best for me, Like he loves me.    He looks at me and […]

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The love of my life

Can I be your one and only?   Can I be the only one whose eyes you look into,  The only one who captures you, The only one you desire,  The only one you melt into?  Can I be the only one you seek intimacy with,  The only one you hold close, The only who […]

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Love brings life

When he looks at me, I take his breath away.  My presence excites him, My words revive him.  I refresh him like the summer rain, I cause him to blossom.  Finally, he’s seen. Finally, he’s heard.  Finally, he lives…  Unfettered,  He can breathe.  I make him believe in love again. 

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My Life Brings You Life

I am a river of life, I restore your dead body when you drink of me.   My waters bring you healing, mending your broken spirit. My waters flow with love, nourishing your heart and soul. My waters trickle with peace, quietening your anxious mind. My waters fill your parched body, restoring your strength. My […]

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Would You Love Me?

Would you love me? Would you delight in me? Would you let me take your breath away with my beauty? Would you pursue me with all of your heart?   Would you only have eyes for me? Would you tell me that I’m the only girl in the world for you? Would you let your […]

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Wanderer, go back home

Part 1 is Lost, Far from Home.   I’m alone in this place that is dense with tall trees and foliage, That is covered with a swampy blanket of chilly grey mist, With sporadic hisses of unknown fauna lurking all around. I don’t know where I am. Too busy chasing illusions of love, I can’t […]

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Lost, Far from Home

Where am I? How did I get to this place that I don’t know?   I am like a prodigal daughter whose deep longing for love caused her to stray away from home unconsciously. Hypnotised by the con men who promised to see me, Who promised to acknowledge me, Who promised to give me life. […]

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The Spirit of Love

Before I enter, I’ll place this rose by the door because… … I have a wonderful secret to tell you. I am the fibre of your being But life tends to distance you from me I fill your imagination Your heart yearns for me as much as it believes that I don’t really exist I […]

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