Some insight into ancient Southern Africa gold mining

Gold, cattle and ivory played a significant role in the Southern African kingdoms of Mapungubwe, Thulamela and Great Zimbabwe. These kingdoms were not only established centres of agriculture, but also essential gold and ivory trade partners with the Arabs and Portuguese.  According to historians, Mapungubwe, located on the borders of Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, […]

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Restarting us

Can we start over?  Click on the refresh button?  Stop and restart?  I think we got off on the wrong foot,  Or maybe we moved too fast Instead of being in the moment Savouring each second Acknowledging the physical, but moving beyond it To start and build something more meaningful…    Image from Pexels.

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The other side of being human

We weave ropes around our necks in our efforts for control,  We wage wars over bruised egos.    We try to create order with systems that strangle us,  We pollute ourselves with hate born from bias.    The freedom we crave is the same freedom we take away,  We choke ourselves in our attempts to […]

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I’m fine

My day was fine,  My week was fine,  My weekend was fine.    Work is fine, Finances are fine.  Keeping fit is fine, Eating healthy is fine.    Family is fine,  Friends are fine, Love is fine.     Everything is fine, All is as it should be.  But… why am I not fine?    […]

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Women who played a prominent role in South Africa’s history (part 2)

Women’s participation in politics in South Africa left an indelible mark on history. From forming pre-schools and literacy classes in their communities to the historic 1956 Women’s March at the Union Buildings, women civil rights activists were fearless and determined in their fight for freedom and equality. Take a walk with me down memory to […]

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