Dear 21-year-old me

Girl, the world has tried to define you, but it missed your essence completely. It then tried to break you because it couldn’t understand you. Let me tell you who you are. You are human, and your existence is valid. You’re not a mistake. You fill a space and time that no other can fill. […]

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A night with the bottle

The first thing that I thought when I opened my eyes this morning was, “oh crap! Where am I?” It took a while to figure that out. I was on a king-sized bed with tons of naked and semi-naked people lying around me. As I tried to lift my head from the pillow, my head […]

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Body shamed for being skinny

I come from a family of skinny women. The females in my family have small breasts, tiny curves and a tiny bum. They’re sometimes tall, but usually, they’re of average height. As a result of this genetic characteristic, I was a skinny girl growing up. Being skinny was never an issue when I was younger, […]

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You’re an awesome friend

Hey friend 🙂 Guess what? We’ve been friends for eight years! Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday when we went for our first lunch date and laughed like we’d known each other for years. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in what seems to be a dark world filled with […]

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The Ghost Named Pinky Pinky

“Ma’am, may I please go to the girls’ bathroom?” I asked Mrs Krijnauw, my 6th-grade teacher. “Yes, but please hurry up”, she replied. I was nervous as I got up from my seat. I knew that I was taking a risk by going to the girls’ bathroom unaccompanied by a friend. I stood outside the […]

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