Restarting us

Can we start over?  Click on the refresh button?  Stop and restart?  I think we got off on the wrong foot,  Or maybe we moved too fast Instead of being in the moment Savouring each second Acknowledging the physical, but moving beyond it To start and build something more meaningful…    Image from Pexels.

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The other side of being human

We weave ropes around our necks in our efforts for control,  We wage wars over bruised egos.    We try to create order with systems that strangle us,  We pollute ourselves with hate born from bias.    The freedom we crave is the same freedom we take away,  We choke ourselves in our attempts to […]

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I’m fine

My day was fine,  My week was fine,  My weekend was fine.    Work is fine, Finances are fine.  Keeping fit is fine, Eating healthy is fine.    Family is fine,  Friends are fine, Love is fine.     Everything is fine, All is as it should be.  But… why am I not fine?    […]

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Drifting away

I’m not surprised that you and I are no longer we.    I felt you drift away,  I watched as you faded away a little every day…  I kept quiet as the distance between us increased,  I decided that this time, I won’t jump to save us,  Because if we were meant to be,  And […]

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Questions for my love

Am I loving you right? Am I taking care of your heart?   Do you feel like I see you? Do you feel like I hear you? Do you feel like I’m walking this life with you? Do you feel like I’m present? I’m just checking in, Making sure that you’re okay.   Sometimes I […]

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The ebb and flow of feelings

Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I don’t,  Sometimes I look good, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I feel strong, other times I don’t,  Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I feel smart, sometimes I feel like an idiot,  Sometimes I make wise decisions, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I give myself a round of applause, sometimes […]

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