Cuisine of Southern Africa

Southern African cuisine varies from effortless and straightforward to fiery and exotic. It is big on meat, fish and maize, and you are guaranteed to have a delicious and hearty meal when you visit any country in the region. Here’s a look at the region’s cuisine. Angola Angola’s cuisine is a fusion of food from […]

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West African cuisine

West Africa is a region that was once home to some the greatest African kingdoms, including the Mossi and Ghana kingdoms, as well as the great kingdoms of Mali and Benin. The region was the hub of trade and commerce from ancient times to colonial times, attracting Arabs from the Middle East and Europeans from […]

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The Ghost Named Pinky Pinky

“Ma’am, may I please go to the girls’ bathroom?” I asked Mrs Krijnauw, my 6th-grade teacher. “Yes, but please hurry up,” she replied. I was nervous as I got up from my seat. I knew I was taking a risk by going to the girls’ bathroom unaccompanied by a friend. I stood outside the door […]

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