After graduation

At the end of final year, we all went our separate ways,  With hopes to change the world, With wild and vibrant dreams,  With heaps of student debt,  With a new sudden role of bread winner,  With tons of knowledge and little experience, With a sparkle in our eyes that we still fight to keep. […]

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Intuition wrote me a letter

Have I ever whispered something into your soul that wasn’t true?  Have I ever led you down a path of destruction?  Have I ever deserted you when you needed me the most?  I’m always with you. I’m the compass that never leaves you,  The one who always shows you the right way,  The one who […]

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Waking up intoxicated

She didn’t realise she was driving at full speed, her head spinning from intoxication until a loud bang swung her car on the road.  The screech almost burst her eardrums.  Glass rained on her.  She screamed until everything went black.  When she woke up, she saw dozens of flashing red and blue lights with people […]

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Falling into place

Her bedroom felt like an interrogation cell. A candle on her study table flickered, offering dim light.  She felt as though the beige-coloured walls were caving in, The thump of her heart blasted through her ears.  She tried to calm down but she couldn’t,  Rocking backwards and forward, rubbing her arms, breathing in and out. […]

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The other side of being human

We weave ropes around our necks in our efforts for control,  We wage wars over bruised egos.    We try to create order with systems that strangle us,  We pollute ourselves with hate born from bias.    The freedom we crave is the same freedom we take away,  We choke ourselves in our attempts to […]

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Women who played a prominent role in South Africa’s history (part 2)

Women’s participation in politics in South Africa left an indelible mark on history. From forming pre-schools and literacy classes in their communities to the historic 1956 Women’s March at the Union Buildings, women civil rights activists were fearless and determined in their fight for freedom and equality. Take a walk with me down memory to […]

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