A night with the bottle

The first thing that I thought when I opened my eyes this morning was, “oh crap! Where am I?” It took a while to figure that out. I was on a king-sized bed with tons of naked and semi-naked people lying around me. As I tried to lift my head from the pillow, my head […]

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The Ghost Named Pinky Pinky

“Ma’am, may I please go to the girls’ bathroom?” I asked Mrs Krijnauw, my 6th-grade teacher. “Yes, but please hurry up”, she replied. I was nervous as I got up from my seat. I knew that I was taking a risk by going to the girls’ bathroom unaccompanied by a friend. I stood outside the […]

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Once upon a time, after the creation of the earth and the establishment of night and day, the people of the earth and the animals began to complain to Modimo, The Great One, about the darkness of night time. The earth had no light when the night sky fell, making it difficult for people to […]


Death could not hold you

An 18-wheeler truck was speeding on the wrong side of the road while trying to overtake another vehicle. It only caught sight of your sedan seconds before it plunged into you, causing you to fly off the road and disappear to the bottom of the gorge. I saw you two days before, and you were […]

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My battle with depression

You bitch! You tried to kill me. But thank God that I’m alive and I can laugh in your face because I’m in the process of defeating you. You’re such a coward, attacking me when I was at my weakest, knowing very well that at my strongest, you wouldn’t stand a chance against me. It’s […]

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