I’m fine

My day was fine,  My week was fine,  My weekend was fine.    Work is fine, Finances are fine.  Keeping fit is fine, Eating healthy is fine.    Family is fine,  Friends are fine, Love is fine.     Everything is fine, All is as it should be.  But… why am I not fine?    […]

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Freedom, you feel unfamiliar

I feel unworthy of enjoying the caress of the sun, I feel sinful with every breath of fresh air I inhale,  I look strange with no black eye, cuts and bruises, I feel naked with no chains around my body.   Freedom, I feel uneasy with you.  Freedom, I feel like I don’t deserve you.  […]

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My battle with depression

You bitch! You tried to kill me. But thank God that I’m alive and I can laugh in your face because I’m in the process of defeating you. You’re such a coward, attacking me when I was at my weakest, knowing very well that at my strongest, you wouldn’t stand a chance against me. It’s […]

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