In the place of Rock Bottom

You’ve arrived at Rock Bottom,  Located far from all you know.  Demons gnaw at your sanity,  They slither around your neck,  And squeeze your windpipe until you turn blue,  Only to loosen their grip as soon as your life begins to fade.   Angels kneel next to you, Calling out your name,  Their hands reaching […]

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Would You Love Me?

Would you love me? Would you delight in me? Would you let me take your breath away with my beauty? Would you pursue me with all of your heart?   Would you only have eyes for me? Would you tell me that I’m the only girl in the world for you? Would you let your […]

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The Spirit of Love

Before I enter, I’ll place this rose by the door because… … I have a wonderful secret to tell you. I am the fibre of your being But life tends to distance you from me I fill your imagination Your heart yearns for me as much as it believes that I don’t really exist I […]

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Asking My Crush Out on a Date

Hey Neo 🙂 You’re probably wondering why I’m writing to you and not speaking to you directly even though I see you daily. To put your raised eyebrow down, it’s because some things are better said in written form than spoken. Anyway, weird things have been happening to me for the past couple of months […]

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True Love in a Relationship

Love makes you feel good Love leaves you happy Love ignites a sense of hope Especially in a world where things can be crappy. It wasn’t love at first sight I don’t think we noticed each other But over time a friendship bloomed And I began to think of you as my lover. I had […]

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