Wanderer, go back home

Part 1 is Lost, Far from Home.   I’m alone in this place that is dense with tall trees and foliage, That is covered with a swampy blanket of chilly grey mist, With sporadic hisses of unknown fauna lurking all around. I don’t know where I am. Too busy chasing illusions of love, I can’t […]

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Lost, Far from Home

Where am I? How did I get to this place that I don’t know?   I am like a prodigal daughter whose deep longing for love caused her to stray away from home unconsciously. Hypnotised by the con men who promised to see me, Who promised to acknowledge me, Who promised to give me life. […]

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Dear Rebound Bae

“Rebound bae?” You say. Yes. You are Rebound Bae. Let me break it down for you real quick for your understanding. Him and I were together for 5 years. In that period, we built a life together. We always wrapped ourselves around each other until we settled into deep sleep. We watched cartoons together and […]

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