Keep going, persevere

Kicked out of the place you rented as your home, Deserted by the ones who claimed to love you, You take the little that you own, And head back to where you really belong.   Hike over desert dunes, Cover yourself from the sand storm, Take a sip of the little water you have, Keep […]

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Surviving street harassment

According to statistics, 76% of South African women have their first experience of street harassment, which is a form of sexual harassment by strangers in public areas, before the age of 17. Internationally, the number sits at 84%. Almost half of South African women have experienced being groped, while 72% have been followed by a […]

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25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

Now that I’m a quarter century old, here are 25 things I’ve learned about life so far: I’m officially an adult. There are at least three more quarters left of life to live. I’m now fully responsible for my own life – no more blaming others for my mishaps. Life will throw curve-balls and good […]

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