Resurrect me

Breathe your spirit into me, Bring me back to life.  Return my soul to me, Rewire me for love.  Restore the health of my heart, Let me feel again.  Return to me my humanity.  Let me breathe again.    Let me know that I matter. Let me know that I am loved immeasurably.    *Image […]

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Being a Woman

I fear femininity. I fear being a woman. I go through the world on high alert, Fists clenched ready to strike a blow, Voice ready to belt out a scream, Words ready to strike out in defense.   Fear hovers above me, Subtle like the touch of a spirit.   I fear having my humanity […]

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25 Excuses You’ll Give By 25

According to psychologists, we tend to make excuses when we’re trying to protect ourselves from failure and when we lack motivation for work towards a certain goal. By the time you hit 25, you’ll realize that you tend to make a lot of excuses, and some of them are just ridiculous: I don’t have time […]

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