Absorb me into you

Absorb me into you. I want to feel the warmth of your skin on mine, I want to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat,  I want to caress you, and intertwine my body with yours.   I want to go to place where only you and I exist, undisturbed.  I want to be one with […]

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Dear 21-year-old me

Girl, the world has tried to define you, but it missed your essence completely. It then tried to break you because it couldn’t understand you. Let me tell you who you are. You are human, and your existence is valid. You’re not a mistake. You fill a space and time that no other can fill. […]

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Post-breakup analysis

(A conversation between my heart and I.)   Heart: Well, you got what you wanted girl! You got the break you wanted. He said goodbye.   Me: Well, I wanted a break, not a breakup. I admit I feel relieved and hurt all at once. I’m celebrating because I feel like a boulder has been […]

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Why I called off my engagement

I love you. You mean the world to me. I care for your wellbeing more than my own. My heart rejoices when I see you smile. But you’re slowly slipping away, I’m gradually loosening my grip on you. Loving you feels natural, But loving you is burdening. Loving you provides me with companionship, But loving […]

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Very little is said about my queen, Makeda, whom I served faithfully throughout her reign. The world seems offended by a woman in power, and will do anything to subjugate knowledge of such. Women in Sheba were only as good as the identity and significance bestowed upon them by their fathers, brothers and the patriarchal […]


Body shamed for being skinny

I come from a family of skinny women. The females in my family have small breasts, tiny curves and a tiny bum. They’re sometimes tall, but usually, they’re of average height. As a result of this genetic characteristic, I was a skinny girl growing up. Being skinny was never an issue when I was younger, […]

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