After a long day

After a long day, I just want to come home to you. I want to hold you close, Feel the warmth of your embrace, Look into your eyes, And know that I am loved. I want to kick off my heels, Wash off my make up, And take off the mask of togetherness and productivity. […]

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Resurrect me

Breathe your spirit into me, Bring me back to life.  Return my soul to me, Rewire me for love.  Restore the health of my heart, Let me feel again.  Return to me my humanity.  Let me breathe again.    Let me know that I matter. Let me know that I am loved immeasurably.    *Image […]

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I’m back home

I’m back at home, Where I belong, Where my heart finds peace, Where I feel whole.   I’m back home, Where I have a seat at the table, Where I enjoy a home cooked meal, Where I experience joy and laughter.     I’m back home, Where I run a hot, bubble bath, Where I […]

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My Life Brings You Life

I am a river of life, When you drink of me, your dead body is restored to life. My waters bring you healing, mending your broken spirit. My waters flow with love, nourishing your heart and soul. My waters trickle with peace, quietening your anxious mind. My waters fill your parched body, restoring your strength. […]

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The Dementors Are Gone

Alone I stand, In a desolate field sparsely filled with shrubs. The clear blue sky hovers above me, The sun glisten in all its glory. There is silence. Not a single sound is heard. The shackles are off my feet, My hands are unbound, My body is no longer covered in dried-up mud, The dementors […]

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