Dear 21-year-old me

Girl, the world has tried to define you, but it missed your essence completely. It then tried to break you because it couldn’t understand you. Let me tell you who you are. You are human, and your existence is valid. You’re not a mistake. You fill a space and time that no other can fill. […]

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Dear Rebound Bae

“Rebound bae?” You say. Yes. You are Rebound Bae. Let me break it down for you real quick for your understanding. Him and I were together for 5 years. In that period, we built a life together. We always wrapped ourselves around each other until we settled into deep sleep. We watched cartoons together and […]

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The Spirit of Love

Before I enter, I’ll place this rose by the door because… … I have a wonderful secret to tell you. I am the fibre of your being But life tends to distance you from me I fill your imagination Your heart yearns for me as much as it believes that I don’t really exist I […]

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