Dear Rebound Bae

“Rebound bae?” You say. Yes. You are Rebound Bae. Let me break it down for you real quick for your understanding. Him and I were together for 5 years. In that period, we built a life together. We always wrapped ourselves around each other until we settled into deep sleep. We watched cartoons together and […]

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Post-Breakup Analysis

(A conversation between my heart and I.)   Heart: Well, you got what you wanted girl! You got the break you wanted. He said goodbye.   Me: Well, I wanted a break, not a breakup. I admit I feel relieved and hurt all at once. I’m celebrating because I feel like a boulder has been […]

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The Spirit of Love

Before I enter, I’ll place this rose by the door because… … I have a wonderful secret to tell you. I am the fibre of your being But life tends to distance you from me I fill your imagination Your heart yearns for me as much as it believes that I don’t really exist I […]

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