The whispers of Lucifer’s angels

You idiot.

You actually think you’re smart huh? 

I can’t wait for you to fail. 

You know you fail often because you’re stupid right? 

Wow, you’re ugly. 

You’re so ugly you make me puke. 

No wonder they never choose you…



Argh, when you open your mouth to speak,

I wanna slap the shit out of you. 

Just shut the fuck up…

You’ve got nothing worthy to say. 


No one wants you,

No one wants to be around you,

Hell, even the guy you gave it all up for left you.

You still turn yourself into a joke for your friends, and even then they still don’t want you!



As Lucifer’s angels, we despise you.

We’ve made it our life’s mission to turn you into a living corpse,

To make you feel like you have no meaning,

To remove identity from you,

To make you feel worthless,

To make you feel unloved. 


We’re out to bully you,

Because you intimidate us,

And what you bring into this world scares us.  


* image from Pexels.

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