I’m fine

My day was fine, 

My week was fine, 

My weekend was fine. 


Work is fine,

Finances are fine. 

Keeping fit is fine,

Eating healthy is fine. 


Family is fine, 

Friends are fine,

Love is fine.  


Everything is fine,

All is as it should be. 

But… why am I not fine? 


* image from Creative Commons.

10 thoughts on “I’m fine

    1. Aaah, I’m so happy for you that you went through the journey of recovery – you’re strong for fighting through 🤗🤗 Thanks so much for reading ❤️

  1. Beautiful poem! Sometimes when things are going “fine” in life, it makes us really evaluate how we feel inside. I hope you found your answer!

  2. This poem really speaks to me. It really pulled at my soul at the end because I’ve been feeling that for the last couple of years.

    1. Yea, to be honest, I found solace in going back to God (not the religious, unloving God I was taught) and talking through it with a therapist – life happens and we all need some help and love with processing it ❤️

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