I’m fine

My day was fine,  My week was fine,  My weekend was fine.    Work is fine, Finances are fine.  Keeping fit is fine, Eating healthy is fine.    Family is fine,  Friends are fine, Love is fine.     Everything is fine, All is as it should be.  But… why am I not fine?    […]

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Women who played a prominent role in South Africa’s history (part 2)

Women’s participation in politics in South Africa left an indelible mark on history. From forming pre-schools and literacy classes in their communities to the historic 1956 Women’s March at the Union Buildings, women civil rights activists were fearless and determined in their fight for freedom and equality. Take a walk with me down memory to […]

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Drifting away

I’m not surprised that you and I are no longer we.    I felt you drift away,  I watched as you faded away a little every day…  I kept quiet as the distance between us increased,  I decided that this time, I won’t jump to save us,  Because if we were meant to be,  And […]

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