How poverty made me feel

Poverty, I’ll never forget how you made me feel. 

You made me feel trapped, 

You made me feel limited, 

You made me feel cut off from the world, 

You made me feel desperate. 


You put me at the mercy of others, 

You made me feel disempowered. 

You made me feel ugly, 

You made me feel like a foul smell, 

You made people stare at me with disgust, 

You made me feel ashamed. 

You made me cower my head, 

You made me feel like I didn’t belong, 

You made rejection my daily experience, 

You made me feel worthless. 


You made me feel helpless, 

You devoured my sense of hope, 

You dehumanized me, 

You cast me out into the cold, 

You made me wonder why I was even born, 

You made me feel unloved. 


* image from Creative Commons.

14 thoughts on “How poverty made me feel

  1. This made me feel so many emotions. I think poverty can be seen as so many metaphors in life. Thank you for sharing

  2. Deeply beautiful and powerful. The current viewpoint on poverty is a shame. People should be more understanding of those who are struggling, not look down on them or think they’re ‘lazy’.

    1. So true Rhonda – and it shows that poverty is not only in the material sense, but in any lack that one experiences in life. Thanks for reading ❤️

  3. Poverty is so much more than a state of living. When people talk about the homeless or down trodden it’s heartbreaking because it’s so much more than not having money or basic necessities but takes a toll on a person’s value and sense of worth.

  4. That is a really sad and emotional poem. It is a really sad that people are still in poverty state with all the technology.

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