Death ain’t natural

Death feels so unnatural.  In my heart, I know we’re built to last,  I guess God designed us to live forever.  My mind knows that death exists,  But my heart can’t comprehend its reality.    So when death comes,  It feels like it goes against our essence,  It feels like an injustice…   * image […]

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When he looks at me

When he caresses my cheek with his finger,  The gentle sensation silences my racing mind.  I let go and savour the moment of love.    He looks at me like I captivate him, Like he cares for me, Like he wants the best for me, Like he loves me.    He looks at me and […]

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An oasis in the the desert

There’s an oasis in the middle of the desert,  A pool of sparkling blue waters adorns as its centre piece,  Its borders are decorated with palm trees that dance a little as a breeze passes by.    The sand dune stands as a golden brown cone in the background,  A true king of the desert.  […]

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You make me feel good

I enjoy you.  I enjoy the magnetic pull of attraction between us,  I enjoy being engrossed in you.  I enjoy your touch,  It makes my nerves tingle with pleasure.  I enjoy your caress, You make my heart gallop.  I enjoy the warmth of your skin on mine,  I enjoy being in your arms. Hold me […]

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It feels good to be single

It feels good to be alone,  To have my life to myself,  To have my time to myself, To have me to myself.  It feels good not to carry another human being, A human that is dense,  A human that is complex,  A human that occupies space and time,  A human that is all consuming.  […]

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