When your spirit left

I could feel your spirit leave.  In a heartbeat,  I fell into a black box.    Pitch black.  Devoid of sound.  Devoid of breath.  Lifeless.    Out of nowhere, Isolation punched me in the stomach.  I plunged on to the cold, hard ground,  Winded,  Choking,  All because, Your spirit left me.    *image from Pexels.

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Visiting Jamestown in Accra, Ghana

Welcome to Jamestown, which is home to a Ga community of fishermen. This town was previously one of many slave trading posts in West Africa. According to Nat Nuno-Amarteifio, architectural historian and ex-mayor of Accra, Jamestown began with the erection of James Fort by the British in 1673. The fort was the last European trading […]

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The love of my life

Can I be your one and only?   Can I be the only one whose eyes you look into,  The only one who captures you, The only one you desire,  The only one you melt into?  Can I be the only one you seek intimacy with,  The only one you hold close, The only who […]

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Love brings life

When he looks at me, I take his breath away.  My presence excites him, My words revive him.  I refresh him like the summer rain, I cause him to blossom.  Finally, he’s seen. Finally, he’s heard.  Finally, he lives…  Unfettered,  He can breathe.  I make him believe in love again. 

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