In the place of Rock Bottom

You’ve arrived at Rock Bottom, 

Located far from all you know. 

Demons gnaw at your sanity, 

They slither around your neck, 

And squeeze your windpipe until you turn blue, 

Only to loosen their grip as soon as your life begins to fade.


Angels kneel next to you,

Calling out your name, 

Their hands reaching out to you, 

Asking you to grab on so that they can rescue you. 


Will you succumb to darkness or reach out to the light? 

Will you remain down in defeat or stand up to fight? 


The prison gate is open.

Freedom lies on the other side. 

Will you use the last ounce of your strength to walk towards your freedom?


* image from LoveLerato.  

10 thoughts on “In the place of Rock Bottom

  1. I take this poem as words about choices and making a decision between what you want and what is expected of you. Lovely words.

    1. Yep, deciding on the best path for your life plus letting go of past hurts feels like a constant journey we go on. Thanks for reading Bianca ❤️🙏🏾

  2. I could really feel every emotion of this poem. That is what it can feel like with depression or anxiety.

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