I sacrificed myself for you

I became a clown so that you would notice me, 

I was at your beck and call so that you would appreciate me. 

I edited myself so that you would accept me, 

I availed myself so that you would need me. 

I let you belittle me just so that you would talk to me, 

I let you make jokes about me so that you would smile at me. 

I said yes when I wanted to say no so that you wouldn’t leave me, 

I let myself go to fit into your mould so that you would love me. 


I sacrificed myself, hoping that you would do the same for me. 


But instead, 

You don’t notice me. 

You don’t appreciate me. 

You don’t accept me. 

You don’t love me. 


*image from Pixabay.

10 thoughts on “I sacrificed myself for you

  1. This poem is really sad, and it is how I have felt about certain people that have been in my life in the past. However, I have realized that people that consistently don’t appreciate me and want to degrade me do not deserve space in my mind or heart. This poem is really well-written though. You should formally publish it! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Pat 🤗🤗 I’ll definitely work towards being fully published 🤗 and I’m so glad you got rid of toxic people in your life… you deserve all the love and appreciation ❤️

  2. I remember feeling so much of this when I was a kid. It’s really painful when you learn that others don’t reciprocate what you give. But an important lesson to become stronger and choose those that will naturally treat you well.

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