Would You Love Me?

Would you love me?

Would you delight in me?

Would you let me take your breath away with my beauty?

Would you pursue me with all of your heart?


Would you only have eyes for me?

Would you tell me that Iโ€™m the only girl in the world for you?

Would you let your heart find a home in me?

Would you give me your heart because you trust me?

Would you walk this life with me?

Would you go on adventures with me?

Would you have coffee with me?

Would you laugh at my jokes?

Would you give me your shoulder to cry on?

Would you celebrate with me when I succeed?

Would you be by my side when I fail?


Would you stand up for me when I am weak?

Would you rescue me when I am in danger?

Would you comfort me when I am in pain?


Would you fill my soul with your never-ending love?

Would you make me feel alive with your overbrimming love?

Would you stay with me for the rest of your life?

This real, authentic love – what I crave most from you.


*image from Creative Commons.

*Dailypost WordPress.

8 thoughts on “Would You Love Me?

  1. what a beautiful message – if only I could find the one person who could answer yes definitively to all these questions life would be so easy!

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