Dear Millennial, You’ve Got Your Sh*t Together

Girl, you’re almost 30, and you’re far from being a failure.

You’ve made great strides in your life,

You’ve been building things of immense value,

Like a potter moulding clay to create beautiful works of art,

Works that take time,

Works that take patience,

Works that sometimes dent and bend the wrong way, but can always be amended.

Your hands have not been idle,

Your efforts have not been for nothing.

Sure, life has happened…

Love gone wrong,

Doors shut in your face,

No navigation to map your way,

Depression worn on you like a familiar feature.


But above all the setbacks and good moments,

You’ve built something and came into yourself.

You are real,

Your stuff is real,

And it cannot be taken away.


Keep going.

Keep moving.

Keep fixing you eyes on the Potter who moulds the clay

That creates the work of art that is you.


*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

6 thoughts on “Dear Millennial, You’ve Got Your Sh*t Together

  1. It’s lovely especially ‘life has happened’. It’s indeed true that life teaches a hell lot things. We just have to keep going with the flow😊

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