Wanderer, go back home

Part 1 is Lost, Far from Home.


I’m alone in this place that is dense with tall trees and foliage,

That is covered with a swampy blanket of chilly grey mist,

With sporadic hisses of unknown fauna lurking all around.

I don’t know where I am.

Too busy chasing illusions of love,

I can’t recall my steps.




El Roi?

Someone, please help me!


Lead me home.

I want to go back to where I belong,

Safe from hidden dangers,

Where care and embrace are freely given,

Where love and my being intertwine effortlessly. 


*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

11 thoughts on “Wanderer, go back home

  1. I think the picture was really well picked for this one! It really matches the sombe deep tone of the atmosphere your words created.

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