My Life Brings You Life

I am a river of life, I restore your dead body when you drink of me.   My waters bring you healing, mending your broken spirit. My waters flow with love, nourishing your heart and soul. My waters trickle with peace, quietening your anxious mind. My waters fill your parched body, restoring your strength. My […]

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The Dementors Are Gone

Alone I stand, In a desolate field sparsely filled with shrubs. The clear blue sky hovers above me, The sun glisten in all its glory. There is silence. Not a single sound is heard. The shackles are off my feet, My hands are unbound, My body is no longer covered in dried-up mud, The dementors […]

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Being a Woman

I fear femininity. I fear being a woman. I go through the world on high alert, Fists clenched ready to strike a blow, Voice ready to belt out a scream, Words ready to strike out in defense.   Fear hovers above me, Subtle like the touch of a spirit.   I fear having my humanity […]

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Would You Love Me?

Would you love me? Would you delight in me? Would you let me take your breath away with my beauty? Would you pursue me with all of your heart?   Would you only have eyes for me? Would you tell me that I’m the only girl in the world for you? Would you let your […]

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Wanderer, go back home

Part 1 is Lost, Far from Home.   I’m alone in this place that is dense with tall trees and foliage, That is covered with a swampy blanket of chilly grey mist, With sporadic hisses of unknown fauna lurking all around. I don’t know where I am. Too busy chasing illusions of love, I can’t […]

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