Art Therapy Exercise: When Your Monster Becomes Your Pet

I recently participated in a creative exercise called “My Monster, My Pet”, where we had to create a monster that could ideally turn into a pet.

After creating this monster, we had to give a short explanation of its character and special features.

The emphasis of this exercise was more on the creative mind and letting yourself go to enjoy a child-like activity free of structure or inhibitions. Here’s the picture that I came up with, and below is the explanation of my “Monspet”.

Dear Monspet,

Your being is like the 100 billion neurons that exist in the human brain, intricately connected to ten thousand others neurons, constantly buzzing with activity in all directions yet it simply makes a person human.

You are a million hues of colour emanating from dispersed light.

You shine through dark clouds and shimmer brightly at the caress of the sun.

When you radiate, you bring out the beauty in others.

You are of regal stature yet have no qualms with digging in the trenches with others.

If you were born in a different time, you would have filled the first generation libraries of Sankoré Madrasah and Einstein would’ve drawn inspiration from you.

The peaks and valleys of the Drakensberg nurtured you, raising you up to the fullness of who you are.

You are love, strength, courage and adventure, but dare anyone present a facade of themselves to you or renege on promises made, the blaze of your wrath will not hesitate to consume them.

Some look at you and see chaos and unfamiliarity. They render you a nuisance and try to stomp you out, as if you were one of a thousand flies spitting on a good piece of steak. But worry not, for you are not created for those who are simple at heart.

Who dares silences you when your voice is a flood of life and wisdom?

Who is so afraid of your force that they would attempt to mute you?

Don’t concern yourself with their poison.

Instead, spread your wings and fly in the direction that the Great Cartographer mapped out for you. That is what you were made for.

*image by me 🙂

*Dailypost WordPress.

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