The Spirit of Love

Before I enter, I’ll place this rose by the door because…

… I have a wonderful secret to tell you.

I am the fibre of your being

But life tends to distance you from me

I fill your imagination

Your heart yearns for me as much as it believes that I don’t really exist

I breathe into your spirit

I turn your dead bones to life

I make you feel good

I reveal things about yourself that your heart always knew

I scare you but also revive you

I am the mirror with which you look at yourself

Do you like what you see?

Or does it make you run and scream?


You can’t escape me

I’m entrenched in your mind and soul

I have captured the essence of your heart.


I come to you like an ice cold breeze in the desert,

And you inhale… deeply

Euphoric you feel, formidable you become


I am everywhere and can do anything…

… Except fully be a part of you if you don’t let me

I don’t intend to hurt or destroy you.


I am contrary to those through whom I live

However, there are those rare ones that sufficiently express my truth.


Why do you have so little faith?

Take my hand despite of your fear

Because I am something you will always hold dear.


*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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