When a Relationship Comes to an End

The End.

Is that the conclusion of our love?

The skies turn grey, hiding the sun away and the seas get rough. The wind begins to howl and the storm descends upon us.

This is only natural.

Storms and sunshine exist together. They’ve coexisted since the beginning of time.

But perhaps there’s more to this than what meets the eye…


Am I the storm that hides the sunshine?


My heart seems to break hearts with its heart

As soon as it opens up, it sends people running

What’s the use of love if you can’t do it wholeheartedly?

What’s the use of life without honesty?

You think you love me, but I think you love my silhouette

Because the real me has you running scared

Of being hurt

Because you’ve been down that road before

Now you’re cutting us loose like you’re settling a score.


I’m not some ethereal dream

I’m an actual human being

Please don’t treat me like I’m your Messiah

I have my own cross to bear

Perhaps these crosses are bearable when carried in unity…


Think long and hard about what you’re choosing

I don’t want to refer to you in past tense.

*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

15 thoughts on “When a Relationship Comes to an End

  1. I love all the raw emotions you share. It reminds me that there can be so many deep and conflicting feelings when a relationship ends.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

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