Escaping a Toxic “Love” Relationship

Trigger warning: fictional short story about abuse and abortion.

Here’s what happened in Part 2.

“Beware of the boogeyman, little darling.

The boogeyman lurks around in the dark like a hungry lion hunting for prey.

The boogeyman remains concealed in black, pouncing on you when you least expect it”, I was told as a little girl.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the unborn life that was once within me. I still mourn the loss of what could have been, of who could have been.

But my baby, I would’ve hurt you real bad if I allowed you to enter the mess of a world that I had partly created. You would have suffered, unjustly so, at the hands of dysfunctional parents. I know you forgive me, and you’re happy in Heaven where you’re safe and loved.

You’d be happy to know that I got away from him. I haven’t seen him since I returned you to your Maker. I’ve been free and happy. I had just started to understand what being normal and safe feels like, until 4 hours ago.

I’m a waitress at a local bar and restaurant now, so after another late night at work, I took my bag, said goodbye to the other staff members that were still busy and walked down the street towards the parked cabs. I lit up a cigarette to help me unwind as I walked, feeling my mind quieting down. That was at 3am this Tuesday morning, and the street was very quiet.

Without warning, the boogeyman and friend pounced on me, covering my mouth to muffle my screams. They were pulling me into a dark corner, both covered with balaclavas so that their faces were hidden. One was trying to pull up my legs so that I could be carried away like helpless prey.

I fought.

I kicked.

I landed a hard kick in the one’s stomach, leaving them winded.

The one dragging me turned me around to land a hard punch on my face, and I fell down hard. I hit my head on the ground, and I was punched again.

I was disorientated.

I was then picked up from the ground by my waist.

Somehow, I regained my strength to fight.

I kicked the one carrying me on the shin, prompting them to drop me to the ground. The other one came for me, and by some miracle, I managed to stand up quickly enough to jab my knee into their groin, knocking their strength out of them.

As I tried to run towards the entrance of the restaurant, the other one ran after me, tripping me up so that I fell to the ground.

A scuffle ensued where my arms were pinned to the pavement, but my mouth was left untouched.

I screamed.

My scream echoed through the street before being silenced by another punch.

Another punch was coming my way, but stopped in mid-air as the boogeyman got distracted by my two colleagues running towards the corner of the street where I was laying.

In that split-second, the boogeyman was left exposed, so I reached out and pulled off the balaclava.

“Beware of the boogeyman, little darling, for the boogeyman is always known to you and pounces like a hungry lion on prey whose acquaintance and trust it has acquired”, I should have been told as a little girl.

The boogeyman was my ex-boyfriend who was unhappy with my actions of returning you, my baby, to Heaven.

Once again, we locked eyes before he took off into the thick of what was left of the night.

*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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