What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Want Kids

The choice to have children is a major life changing decision that affects both you and your partner.

Added to that, it’s a decision that requires the agreement and commitment of both parties in a relationship. So, what happens when your partner decides that they would rather remain childless?

According to psychologists, honest communication is the first step to take in dealing with the seeming impasse in the relationship when your partner doesn’t want to have kids. It’s important that you and your partner express your feelings, concerns and expectations before deciding on a way forward with the relationship.

You may choose to stay in the relationship as researchers have found that a healthy and committed relationship has a long-term impact on happiness more than becoming a parent (even though it is an important factor to consider in light of long-term happiness if that is what one wants). You may also choose to end the relationship if you decide that it’s not worth keeping at the expense of your dream to become a parent.

For more on things to consider when your partner doesn’t want kids, see this article from Huffington Post.

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4 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Want Kids

  1. Couples in a committed marriage or relationship usually don’t plan to have kids, they just allow it to happen and when it happens they embrace it no matter how many kids come along…….

      1. This reminds me a a woman I know. She was married for 10 years and she never had children. I asked her how is it possible not to have children in 10 years of marriage? She told me that her husband used condoms when they have sex. I looked at her and told her that why did she wait 10 years to divorce him?
        Perhaps that woman had low self esteem to make that practice acceptable..or maybe there were other reasons

      2. Shucks that’s sad 😦 Maybe it was low self-esteem and fear of societal backlash for being a childless woman, or maybe she struggled with infertility and didn’t say anything out of fear for being a childless woman.

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