Things to Consider before Dating Your Friend’s ex

Relationships are a personal experience, and to some degree, a social one as a couple exists within a community and not in isolation. So, bearing this in mind, is it ever okay to date your friend’s ex-partner?

Many people rightfully believe that one has the right to date whomever they choose and a partner is not one’s personal property but rather an autonomous human being who chooses their way through life, but when it comes to dating a friend’s ex, one should prepare themselves for significant changes in the friendship.

In most cases, if you choose to date your friend’s ex, you should be prepared to lose your friend for the relationship, especially if the relationship between your friend and their ex was a serious one or there’s bad blood between the two of them and they can’t stand to be in close proximity with each other.

It’s best to avoid dating your friend’s ex, but if you strongly feel that getting into a relationship with them will be a good move for you, consider advice from relationship experts in this article from Daily Mail.

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