“Age is nothing but a number” is a popular saying with regards to age gaps in relationships, but it turns out that age does in fact matter.

Experts say that the major difference with dating someone who is 10 years younger or older than you can present significant lifestyle differences, which ultimately affect individual expectations for the relationship and the type of life one wants to lead.

As with all relationships, honest communication about expectations is necessary, and if you are going to date someone significantly older or younger, you must be prepared to handle any generational differences that will arise, and you must be honest with yourself on why you’re pursuing the relationship.

For more insight on the topic, see this article from Good Therapy.

*image from Creative Commons.

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  1. Age does matter in relationship. The man should be the older, but there are instances where the wife is be a year older than the husband, it works, many of them. Notwithstanding, it depends on which part of the world. This morning I read a news that says a 64-year old woman married 39-year old man. What about that?

    1. Yea, I think age matters also. But more than that, intentions and the willingness to accept and work through any differences that arise is also important in making the relationship work. If its genuine love and care, I believe the relationship will work.

  2. I have been attracted to significantly older men all my life, it has never made sense to me how (tho i prefer to call them ‘grown n sexy’)… The most successful or best relationship I’ve has was with a man 21 yrs older than me!

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