Eyebrows not only play an important physiological role in preventing debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they also play an important role in human communication through facial expression and aesthetics.

Zooming into the aesthetics part, eyebrows are the most important facial feature as they draw in more attention than the eye, nose or mouth, creating a lasting beauty impression. Well-groomed eyebrows frame the eyes and have the ability to brighten your appearance, making you look more youthful and more put-together.

A major mistake that mostly women make when trying to create the perfect eyebrow is shaving part or the entire eyebrow, only to draw it back on or draw in the edges with an eyebrow pencil. This creates an unnatural look, and it can go horribly wrong if one sweats excessively or has oily skin because the pencil can run onto the eyelids.

Eyebrow pencils are meant to enhance the natural look of your eyebrow, so make sure to use them for the purpose of filling in your eyebrows.  Tweezers are mostly used for shaping eyebrows, but you can also use a razor blade to shave off excess hair. Make sure to be careful when using razor, and base the skin around the eyebrow with coconut oil to protect it from razor burn.

Here’s a useful tutorial from Glamour Magazine on how to shape eyebrows perfectly:

Happy eyebrow shaping 🙂

*image from Creative Commons.


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