One of the many rites of passage for young girls of African descent is learning how to braid hair.

Not only is it fun and a great way to earn pocket money while you’re still a student, but it is a practice that is rich in history and tradition. Africa’s various tribes have been braiding hair for the longest time, and the tradition was passed on from one generation of women to another, and it was great for bringing women in the community together as they sat together and did each other’s hair.

Learning how to braid hair takes time and practice, and once you’ve chiseled your braiding skills, you’re able to braid other people’s hair as well as your own. In this post, I’ll zoom into the technique of installing box braids.

Here’s a great tutorial that walks you through preparing your natural hair and braiding hair for the installation process:

Remember, practice makes perfect, and once you have the technique, you’re able to experiment with different lengths and styles of braids – either plaits or twists 🙂

*image from Beyonce.


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