Living apart from your partner in another city or country isn’t easy on the heart and mind.

When you’re in love, you yearn to see your partner as often as possible and face-to-face interaction is easier to access.  But when you’re living apart from each other, you have to find different ways to connect, which include keeping in touch as often as possible.

Psychologists say that the first step to making a long distance relationship work is communicating your expectations and making sure that the relationship is built on trust. Both of these points are the foundation of any relationship, and they are important for couples living apart because they serve as reassurance that the relationship will remain intact despite of the long distance.

For more tips on how to make a long distance relationship work, see this article from Psychology Today.

*image from Pexels.

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  1. Long distance relationships can go either way. But false expectations will kill it. People won’t become a hermit and won’t lock themselves off from mingling with others. So if you have a long distance relationship you have to come to the fact your significant other will be involved with other living around them….

    1. Very true, unless both parties have common ground on the relationship and are okay with it being long distance for some time. If it’s a long term thing, that’s a problem.

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