Why You Decided to Not Have My Child

Trigger warning: fictional short story about abuse and abortion

Here’s what happened in Part 1.

You know, I didn’t realize how bad things had become between us until our eyes locked when you stepped out of the abortion clinic and I was there by the entrance, picketing with pro-life supporters and hurling insults at everyone involved in abortion.

You looked defeated, and at the same time, you looked fearful and full of hatred of me.

Look, I might not have been the perfect guy, but you should have at least considered me in this big decision. This is our family and it was my child too. You could’ve at least given me the chance to be there for you.

How could you hurt me in this way? Don’t you know that I love you? All those other women that I was messing with mean nothing to me. I left all of that behind in order to fix things between us because I realized that you were the one I wanted to be with. I apologized, and I got scared when you said that you wanted to leave me, which is why I got so angry and fought with you.

And before we knew it, our rage turned into passion and we had sex. I didn’t hurt you. We both wanted it, so it baffles me when you said that I hurt you. That’s when our beautiful baby was conceived wasn’t it? Why would you take him away from us as if we were not worthy to take care of him? Why would you deny me the privilege of being a father?

You’re just like my mother – manipulative because of your need to be emotionally abusive. You want everything to go your way without realizing that a relationship is a two-way street. I’m always the one who gives, and you just take from me. Don’t you think I deserve to be loved too? To be given the same kind of love that I gave you?

Do you have any idea what people will think of me once they catch wind of this? I’ll be the laughing stock of the medical community for missing all the signs all because my conniving and immoral girlfriend aborted a baby without my knowledge. Did you even bother to consider that?

Baby, please. Come home so that we can talk about this. I’m grieving too. Let’s go through this together.

This was our baby, our bond. Something like that doesn’t go away easily. We need each other right now. I know I sound angry, but I’m not. I’m just hurt, and when I feel this way, it comes out as aggression.

I should’ve been there to protect you from harm, but I wasn’t and it makes me feel guilty. We can fix this and be happy again.

You obviously don’t want to speak to me right now, so I’ll see you at home later tonight. If not, I’ll fetch you from wherever you are and bring you home myself. I love you, and I’ll do anything to make us work.

*image from US Weekly.

*Dailypost WordPress.

7 thoughts on “Why You Decided to Not Have My Child

  1. He wrote this?
    Wow. Two very different perspectives.
    Thank you for writing so well, with so much rawness.
    I had a medically necessary abortion, but I think of my twins every day.

    1. So sorry for the loss of your twins 😦 Yea, this story is in response to Part 1. I wrote in letter form as his girlfriend isn’t around for him to talk to face to face. Thanks for taking time to read 🙂

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