Why I called off my engagement

I love you. You mean the world to me. I care for your wellbeing more than my own. My heart rejoices when I see you smile. But you’re slowly slipping away, I’m gradually loosening my grip on you. Loving you feels natural, But loving you is burdening. Loving you provides me with companionship, But loving […]

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Surviving street harassment

According to statistics, 76% of South African women have their first experience of street harassment, which is a form of sexual harassment by strangers in public areas, before the age of 17. Internationally, the number sits at 84%. Almost half of South African women have experienced being groped, while 72% have been followed by a […]

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Cuisine of North Africa

North Africa is a region that is rich in history and culture. It was home to powerful Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, was one of two exit points for populations that migrated from Africa to various parts of the world and later became home to powerful civilizations such as the Romans, Arabs, Greeks and Phoenicians. The […]

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