My uncle missed out on a whopping R60 million lottery jackpot this week.

Nothing is as disappointing as watching an opportunity to become an instant millionaire pass through your fingers, all because of human error.

lotto-ticket-google-imageFrom the time I was a little kid, my uncle has always been an avid lottery player. I don’t remember him missing one week of betting as much as I don’t remember him winning a single cent. Nevertheless, he never gave up on the dream that one day his efforts would make him a millionaire.

Winning the lotto would fast-track him into a comfortable life. He’s an average Joe that is always dressed in stone coloured chinos and a white shirt when going to work, and blue jeans and a t-shirt during weekends. He works in admin, earns a decent salary that affords him a 3 bedroom house in a good, middle class suburb. He’s in his early 40’s, and has a wife and one son.

One busy Saturday afternoon while he was in the office, he purchased his lotto ticket online, as per usual. While trying to pay for his ticket, he received a notification of insufficient funds in his account. As he was about to top his account up, his boss called him into a meeting because they were in the middle of dealing with a work emergency, hence the overtime shift, and he left what he was doing immediately. He said to himself that he would complete the process at a later stage.

Later that evening, my mom and I were over at his house on a visit when the lotto insert came on TV. He was glued to the screen, beaming in anticipation because like any other lotto night, he felt like this was his lucky night. Slowly the numbers appeared on the screen, and he became more and more excited. When the final number was announced, he jumped up in euphoria because all the numbers corresponded with what he had selected.

We all shrieked in celebration with him because he was R60 million richer!

He grabbed his laptop to log onto his account, but received the shock of his life at what he saw.

His account was still open on the page that requested that he complete the top up process to purchase his ticket.

It was as if someone had told him that a family member had passed on because he broke down into tears and wept bitterly. He was distracted one time while trying to top up his account to pay for his ticket, and just like that, all was lost.

I felt sorry for him because a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slipped through his fingers because he got distracted and forgot. It happens to the best of us.

I can only hope that this opportunity returns again, and that he finally attains his dream of becoming a lotto millionaire.

*Article originally appeared on YWorld.

*image from Pinterest.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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