Part of being a celebrity is enjoying the perks of fame, which include receiving some really cool freebies.

More than 50 presenters and performers that will be at this year’s Grammy Awards will receive a gift bag, called a swag bag, worth more than $30,000 (0ver R400,000) if they choose to take the bag.


The marketing firm responsible for packing the goodies is LA-based firm Distinctive Assets, which has been providing the awards with swag bags for the past two decades. According to reports, some celebs don’t accept the bags because of taxes they have to pay on its value, but for those who will be accepting the bag, here’s what they’ll receive:

A trip to the Golden Door spa in Southern California for a week worth $8,850 (over R119,000). This is the most expensive gift in the swag bag

Adult bibs from BeBibs

An Oomi smart home starter kit worth $599 (over R8000)

Inspiration cards from Bangarang

A year’s supply of Healing Saint luminosity skin serum along with a hair follicle stimulant valued at $2,316 (over R31,000)

Hand-dipped chocolate from Chubby Chipmunk

A massage mat from SweetCheeks which claims to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite worth $99 (over R1300)

Caramel and pretzel candies from Betty Jane Candies

A Debut novel called “Bright Midnight” from Chris Formant

A Trtil travel pillow

A customized 64-count box of Crayola crayons

Shave oil from Hercules Beard Co.

A gift certificate for a free large pizza from D’Amore’s Famous Pizza in California

A personal CPR kit

A mini gift set (moisturizer, balm, and oil) from In Season Beauty

A pair of handmade studs from Park and Buzz, which usually retail at $24 (over R320)

5 books from Lady Amber’s reviews

Medice foot cream, retailing at $25 (over R330), which helps soothe cracked heels

Mood & Co.’s signature candle, which is a soy candle with hints of Emerald Sea, sandal wood, and hugo

A hair sleeve from PonyDry, which allows women to just wash the roots of their hair

A lifetime supply of Oxygenetix foundation and moisturizer

Outdoor gear from Trespass’s DLX Collection

A gift set from True Brit London

A hair-extension piece from the Lauren Ashtyn Collection

Furniture paint from Reloved worth $55 (over R700)

Dinnerware from Slimware

A dessert kit from Gold Leaf Gourmet

A print of original art work from Tunka Art

An FXP Hula Hoop Fitness workout program

A lampshade by Okawa craftsman

Lip Balm from ChapStick worth $4.99 (over R60). This is the least most expensive gift in the swag bag.

WOW! Extensive and expensive right?!

Well, these are just some of the stuff in the swag bag. Other gifts include jewelry from Namira Monaco fine jewelry, a complimentary DJ service and more clothes and make-up.

Now this is what you call a gift!

The awards will take place this Sunday the 12th of February at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

*image from LA Times.

*Dailypost WordPress.



  1. I seriously hate this. What about the small people like us that has to work 40 plus hours just to keep the lights on. The first year I heard about these “swag” bags I was stunned. Anything else we should give them, What about our tax dollars? 🙂 -Bruce

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