Singer Beyoncé created a buzz at the beginning of February this year when she announced that she was pregnant with twins.

The hype is still continuing as she has just shared images of her maternity shoot, which are nothing less than beautiful and creative, as per Beyoncé’s style.

She borrowed themes ancient Roman mythology, putting a twist on depictions of the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility Venus as well as the Virgin Mary. Her initial birth announcement photo, which was posted on Instagram and has over 9 million likes, making it the most liked picture ever on the social media network, mirrors Jan Brueghel the Elder’s Madonna in Floral Wreath, which depicts the Virgin Mary wrapped in a blue mantle, with her child Jesus between her arms while being surrounded by a crown of flowers.


The photographer responsible for this great photo-shoot is Ethiopian-born and New York-raised photographer Awol Erizku. He’s a Yale graduate with a master of fine arts degree, and he photographed Beyoncé and Jay Z during their trip to the Louvre Museum.

The poetry used in the photo album was written by London-based Somali writer and poet Warsan Shire, whose work was featured on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album.

Check out some of Beyoncé’s pictures from her latest maternity photo album:








*images from Beyoncé.

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