Japan’s most popular dish, sushi, just got a cocoa upgrade with the creation of Kit Kat sushi.

The signature dish will available in Tokyo at Kit Kat’s Ginza store on the 2nd of February until the 4th of February, and foodies will be treated to three flavors of sushi.


Maguro will contain raspberry Kit Kats on puffed rice that will be covered with white chocolate. This will create a sweet and sour flavor which will come from the chocolate and raspberry respectively.


Uni will contain Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavored Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed.



Tamago, which will have a pumpkin pudding flavor, will be Kit Kats served on puffed rice covered in white chocolate and wrapped with seaweed.

The Kit Kat sushi set will be retailing at 3,000 yen, which is $26 and R360, so if you’re in Tokyo that week and are feeling adventurous, make sure to grab a set.

*images from Kotaku.

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