The holidays are done and dusted, which means that life, with all its ups and downs, returns to normal.

One big difficulty faced at start of the year is getting back into work mode after weeks of detaching from stress and routine.

It almost feels like your body is a toddler that’s throwing a tantrum while being taken to preschool against their wish to be left alone at home. You have to force yourself to do what you have to, even when the couch is begging you not to leave.

So, how do you successful get back into work mode after the holidays?


Firstly, don’t go back to work on a Monday unless if absolutely necessary.

I believe that it’s psychologically better to go back to work on a Tuesday or Wednesday simply because it’s not a Monday, meaning you won’t struggle with Monday blues, and you have one extra day after the weekend to mentally and physically prepare for work.

Make sure you get enough sleep.

There’s nothing worse than being grumpy on your first day back at work because you stayed up all night watching series as if you were still on holiday. What helps to get back into a weekday sleeping routine is breaking out of your holiday sleeping pattern at least a week before heading back to the office. This way, you give your body and mind some time to adjust.

On the morning of your first day back to the office, make sure that you have a good breakfast.

Eating properly will give you enough energy to face the day ahead, and much-needed energy to deal with the dreaded traffic that you’re going to encounter as soon as you hit the road.

If you live and work in the city, it’s almost impossible to avoid traffic, unless if you’re lucky enough to commute during off-peak traffic hours. Instead of getting all worked up about being stuck in it and fighting with other equally annoyed drivers, rather use the time to psyche yourself up for the day ahead. It’s a great time to catch up with current affairs by listening to the radio, and if you’re stuck in a slow moving queue, put your car in neutral and catch up on what’s happening on social media.

Make sure to write down your career goals for the year before your first day back in the office as this will give you much needed motivation.

If you know why you’re waking up every morning for work and you are aware of what you’re working towards, it’ll be easier to go in guns blazing on your first day and throughout the year.

So, happy first day back at work! And remember that all your career goals will be achieved through consistent hard work and perseverance.

*image from Polkadotfrog.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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