Happy New Year! Whooooop!

Here’s to a great year filled with blessings and love 🙂


It’s that time of the year where we whip out our diaries to enthusiastically write down resolutions that we want to achieve.

But have you noticed how New Year’s resolutions fizzle out by February? I think it’s because achieving any goal requires hard work and consistency, and it also requires that we set realistic and specific goals that are achievable.

As I was thinking about my life and goals I’d like to achieve this year, I came up with these 10 resolutions and practical ways to achieve them. They’re quite specific, so coming up with an action plan was easy, and I think that they’re relatable to most people.

Let’s start with work.

I’d love to have zero unread emails in my inbox. I have a bad habit of delaying email reading and not deleting unread and unimportant emails, resulting in an inbox with tons of unread emails.

So, going forward, I’m going to read important emails and immediately delete any unimportant ones to eliminate a cluttered inbox.

I plan on attending as few meetings as possible at work because most meetings are a waste of time.

I would rather prefer to give clients a Skype call or pop them an email if anything needs to be cleared up, and only schedule a meeting if absolutely necessary. Having fewer meetings to attend is great for productivity because there are fewer interruptions throughout the day.

I’m going to learn how to type faster on my computer and on my phone. I believe that I’ll complete reports and answer emails faster, and I’ll reply to text messages at rapid speed. It’s also something to tick off the weird bucket list.

I also want to answer my phone at least by the third ring. People complain saying that I take too long to answer my phone. To achieve this, I’ll have to keep my phone closer to me, and I’ll have to remember to take it off silent mode when I wake up in the morning.

With fitness, I want a physique that’s as beautifully sculpted as singer Ciara’s body. Goodbye occasional slice of chocolate cake, and hello intense training at least four times in a week!

I should train to run a marathon this year. Competing in a marathon is something I’ve never done, so it’ll be a cool thing to tick off my bucket list, and I should get my toned physique in no time.

With that, I’ll need to grow my cooking skills so that I can prepare a wide range of healthy meals. I’ll be watching a lot more YouTube cooking tutorials. They’re quite helpful.

And with regards to life, I’m definitely planning on having a lot more lazy weekends. I believe in the power of unplugging from the world and chilling on the couch either by myself or with loved ones with good food, movies and TV series.

I’m going to stop biting my nails this year. I bought a stress ball that I can squeeze whenever I’m nervous, stressed or bored. That should help.

And finally, I’m going to take less selfies and more pictures of interesting things around me. A flower here and a lion there should be great for Instagram.

Resolutions aren’t meant to be a burden, so get into the swing of change by tackling goals that are fun and easy to achieve to prepare you for the ones that require hard work and consistency.

*image from WallpaperUp.

*Dailypost WordPress.



    1. Awesome stuff! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post 🙂 Yea, it’s great to find a replacement for nail biting… It feels like an achievement when you don’t fiddle with them.

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