25 things you’ll learn about religion by 25

The topic of religion is quite the touchy one in the social world as it sheds light on people’s intrinsic beliefs on how they see the world and the foundation on which they build their lives.

When we’re young, we adhere to the beliefs of our families and community, usually not out of choice, but once we grow up and come into our own, we carve out our own faith-based path.


Below are 25 things we learn about religion by 25:

Your childlike faith will dissipate as you move into adulthood, and you’ll actually start questioning your what you believe

You’ll realize that you have an intrinsic desire to believe in something bigger and better than yourself

We all believe in something or someone, and not believing is a belief system in itself

You’ll come to understand that faith is a choice

You’ll realize that religion primarily stems from people setting rules and regulations to try and be good in order to please God

You’ll want to know the truth about who God is after years of having a prescribed notion of Him

This will pave way for a personal relationship with God

As you grow in your personal walk with God, you’ll start to realize that some religious beliefs are ridiculous and untrue

Religion creates a God of human imagination and convenience

It creates mass rules and regulations that take away human freedom, sensibility and choice

These human-created rules can be used as tools for mass manipulation and propaganda, all which fuel hate and separation

Pastors, bishops and popes are far from perfect because they too are human

Cults arise as a result of people thinking highly of them and holding them up as if they were God

Religion is obsessed with humans doing good work and being good to gain God’s approval

It’s also obsessed with hell and the devil

Religious people are quick to blame the devil for their mistakes and the consequences thereof, as if they have no responsibility over their lives

Contrary to religion’s popular teaching, God’s blessings and favour are more than material possessions

Religion seems to go easy on men and punish women for being born female

How many times does it dictate that women can’t inherit property, can’t be leaders or can’t take control over their own sexuality?

Why is it that religion equates a woman’s virginity with purity and goodness in God’s eyes but forgets to do the same with men?

Sex is religion’s biggest sin

And marriage is its highest achievement

Religion discriminates against those who break its rules, completely disregarding God’s love and grace

Religion is first in line to point out mistakes and has extensive rules and regulations for redemption

Religion doesn’t seem to coexist with human life because it’s so obsessed with works. It misses the point that it’s all about knowing God, being loved by Him and respecting your fellow man.

* image from Creative Commons.

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