One of the biggest milestones you’ll achieve as a young adult is getting your first apartment. Not only is it a mark of becoming an adult, but it shows that you’re independent and ready to take care of yourself.

Here are 25 things you’ll learn about living on your own by 25:

Firstly, finding an apartment is a difficult and time-consuming process

You’ll find that your bedroom at your parents’ house is bigger than the apartment you can afford

Yes rent is a bitch, but what choice do you have? You’re millions of years away from qualifying for a bond

You’ll learn to pay your rent on time when your landlord thuds on your door and shouts at you as if you were a two-year-old for being behind with your payment

Now that you have bills and your own humble abode, you’ll feel all grown and independent


You can totally shower and poop with the door open

And yay, the hot water is all yours! This is especially important in winter

Just make sure that you sleep on a double bed that doesn’t have a Barbie or Batman duvet cover. Remember, you’re an adult now

You’ll start investing in crockery, cutlery and home décor, and you’ll actually be happy to do it

You’ll even find yourself more interested in decorating your apartment than buying the latest edition of your favourite sneakers

It’s okay to ask your mom about which detergent brand to buy because you were never privy to this information. And while you’re at it, grab a mop, bucket, broom and some cleaning cloths

It’s great to not do chores on somebody else’s watch

But once roaches start waltzing across the kitchen sink and the floor, you’ll realize that you can’t get rid of chores altogether

You’ll probably rely on YouTube cooking tutorials to learn how to cook. If not, you’ll feast on take-aways, gain weight, and then use YouTube tutorials to learn how to cook

You won’t have to label food in the fridge or play an investigator to find the culprit that ate your food because you don’t share your space with a roommate

You don’t have to hide your grumpiness or hear love-making sounds (other than your own) from your roommate now that you’re on your own

No more running to mommy to help do your laundry. The full load is all yours

And you’ll learn to take laundry seriously when someone tells you that you smell funky after trying to get away with wearing an unwashed t-shirt

You’ll learn basic home DIY hacks like getting rid of a foul drain smell or how to make your apartment smell fresh because you’ll learn that fixing house stuff costs money

The luxury of coming and going as you please is totally awesome

You can bring visitors over whenever you want

That includes you dates. No more sneaking around and asking your friend to use their place for date pleasures

You’ll either love or hate coming home to a quiet apartment after a long day at work depending on whether or not you enjoy living alone

But your apartment will feel like a sanctuary from which you can hide for a while from the world

And you’ll feel good about running your home on your own terms.

*image from People.


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