Welcome to Jozi Maboneng!

You have officially stepped into South Africa’s economic and cultural hub.

The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Johannesburg is an exciting city to live in, but like any urban destination, it can swallow you alive if you’re not careful.

So, in order to survive life in this concrete jungle, take note of these 5 survival tips.

Leave home early to get to work or school

If you value your sanity and want to prevent being caught in the city’s traffic, do yourself a favour and be out of your house at the crack of dawn. Traffic gets insane from 7am until 9am and again from 4pm until 6pm during the week. Cars pile up on the roads with tons of frustrated drivers behind the wheel who whiz through traffic faster and more dangerously than a lunatic who believes that they are a formula one driver. It’s a stressful way to start your day.

Always carry loose change when using taxis

If there was a Joburg version of the television programme “1000 Ways To Die”, paying a taxi fare with a R100 note during peak morning and late afternoon hours would be a major way to die. Taxi drivers get really annoyed with people who give large amounts of money for a trip that costs less than R20. Doing this is considered as a sin punishable by verbal crucifixion followed by an order to disembark the vehicle in the taxi industry. And to make matters worse, most taxi drivers are already moody in the morning and later in the afternoon, so try not to agitate them further.

Prepare thoroughly for winter

Joburg winters are freezing and require tons of preparation before the season looms in. So make sure that you stock up on winter clothes before the season starts. I must point out that Durbanites learn this survival tip the hard way because it’s warm throughout the year in the East Coast. Don’t be caught off guard.

Beware of backstabbers

Joburg is a dog-eat-dog city where people will do anything and back-stab anyone in order to succeed. Watch out for those who want to use and abuse you in order to achieve their own ambitions.

Trust your instincts

If you feel like something is too good to be true or have a bad feeling about someone, trust your instincts. It’ll save you a whole lot of trouble later.

Don’t lose sight of your goals

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals in Joburg because there are so many things to do and experience. You might feel the pressure to party all night when you should be studying for an exam, or to buy an expensive vehicle knowing well that you can’t afford it in order to keep up appearances, but don’t do it. Know what you’re here for, and dismiss anything that derails you from your goals.

With this said, go out and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

*image from Creative Commons.

*Article originally published on YWorld.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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