Does anybody else hate meetings as much as I do?

Most meetings are such a waste of valuable time that could have been used to complete work. Research does show that up to 50 percent of time is spent on attending meetings, which leaves very little time for getting work done.

After about 20 minutes of sitting in a meeting, I usually lose concentration and opt to observe people and the running of the meeting, which is a lot more entertaining than listening to a client who’s babbling on about things they usually know very little about.


I’ve noticed that people get very irritated when no refreshments are provided at a meeting. People feel like it’s an insult to not provide coffee and an array of muffins and croissants (if it’s a morning meeting) or some finger foods (if it’s an afternoon meeting), especially because they are giving up their time for a meeting that they don’t want to be in.

A meeting of this nature is often a complete waste of time because hangry (hungry and angry) employees will simply agree to everything the meeting moderator is saying just to get the meeting over and done with.

When the meeting is ready to commence, something will always go wrong. Someone will be late, the computer won’t connect to the projector or video conferencing links will fail if anyone is joining the meeting online. This usually takes up 15 to 20 minutes of the meeting, which lengthens the overall duration of the meeting. Most people opt to browse through their social media timelines while the technical guys and the meeting moderator struggle with the technical glitches.

As the meeting goes, I notice that people get so bored and disinterested that they fall asleep with their eyes wide open. It gets worse when there’s no coffee provided.

This is caused by endless talking in meetings. I really do think that people get a kick out of babbling on so as to sound intelligent. There’s no need to elaborate on a simple point.

The room lightens up when there’s a difference of opinion and debates begin to get a little heated. People bite their tongues when all they want to do is swear at each other and leave the room. They start throwing subtle verbal jabs at each other until someone decides to be an adult and come up with an amicable solution to a deadlock.

And off-course, there’s always that one person who puts their foot in their mouth, especially when the discussion in the meeting is about demographics. People will uncomfortably chuckle or give the person who made the remark a “I-could-punch-you-in-the-face-right-now” look.

I know that meetings can’t be avoided, but the least we can do as working people is move meetings online, conducting them via video conferencing, so that no one has to go anywhere if they are meetings that require either party to travel. It would be great if meeting moderators keep meetings concise so that they don’t take longer than 15 minutes.

Ok, now that this meeting is done, let’s get back to work 🙂

*image from Creative Commons.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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