True Love in a Relationship

Love makes you feel good
Love leaves you happy
Love ignites a sense of hope
Especially in a world where things can be crappy.

It wasn’t love at first sight
I don’t think we noticed each other
But over time a friendship bloomed
And I began to think of you as my lover.

I had no idea you felt the same way
Until that night under the stars
When you pulled me close and kissed me tenderly
Confirming the love that was ours.

Sometimes I like love, sometimes I don’t
Sometimes love is good, other times I just cope.

At times I wish I were single to do whatever I like
But every day I appreciate the fact that you’re in my life.

Love isn’t easy – we’re both fallible human beings
It’s a thrilling ride that brings out both a saint and a beast.

Getting to know you is great
And I feel like I’ve known you forever
We have so much in common and we’re happy together.

Love taught me to be patient and kind as I walk with you
And it taught that I’m far from perfect and I make mistakes too.

Love taught me to be honest and open because communication is key
To resolve whatever issues we have, and not go to bed angry.

Love taught me that I’m never alone because I have a companion in you
Love showed me that I too have a sexual appetite because I can’t get enough of you.

Love is passion
Love is a choice
Love keeps going, even through life’s noise

Love goes beyond the physical, being more concerned with what’s inside
Because the material fades over time
Leaving behind the heart and mind.

I love who you are, and who you’re yet to become
I’m excited to be with you, and together we will run.

Here’s to many more years, through good times and bad
Thanks for showing me love; with you, my heart is glad.

*image from Pexels.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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